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The best way to communicate with our admins and moderators is through the forum. The public answers allow to inform all the members who may have the same questions.
Nevertheless, we understand that you prefer to keep certain topics and exchanges confidential. This contact form is there for that. 

How long does it takes to we get back to you

Requests are processed on a rolling basis, depending on the availability of our moderators. We are all volunteers, and have jobs on the side, so don’t expect an immediate response.
Simple requests are usually answered within a day, but sometimes only one person is available to answer your particular question, in which case the delay is longer.
The current maximum turnaround time is one week. If you still have not received a response after 8 days, please do not hesitate to contact us again. 

It happens that we receive a message like, I need to talk to you, my number is …

Our time is as precious as yours, be as precise and exhaustive as possible to make us want to contact you back. or expect to never be heard.

Provide several means of communication. Email, phone, Linkedin profile, etc.

Specify your time zone, so that we avoid calling you at the best of the night 😉

A recurring request concerns problems connecting to one of our groups.

Please give us as much information as possible to solve this problem:

  • Last name First name
  • Email
  • Linkedin profile link
  • Problems encountered

It is also possible that you have been banned by one of our moderators. Please provide the necessary information so that we can reconsider this decision. 
It will then be reviewed at our internal monthly meeting.