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Why is registration required?

Historically, the content of the site was freely accessible. All the content was therefore visible, without restriction. But several members complained that their content was copied, translated, used, without mentioning the source.

Out of respect for our contributors

In order to respect their writings, their sharing, to prevent such things from happening again, and to ensure that they can continue to contribute without concern, we have decided to protect this content only to registered members.

Why register via social networks?

Security and data protection is an important factor, especially when a community has more than 300,000 members.

We have a small, collaborative site, without a security expert. Because our members come from social networks, registration and login is naturally delegated to the main platforms you use regularly. A double security, with an OTP validation, an sms on your mobile, reinforces the security.

I can’t register!

To be able to register, it is necessary to accept cookies. This is how the registration and login application is able to recognize you. Refresh the page, as a last resort delete the cookies. At our level, nothing can be done.
The last solution is to create an account for you manually, which is necessarily less secure. This will only be done for active members who know us well. Use our Contact page as a last resort.

Note: We’ve been informed of random issues with Twitter, we’re waiting for technical support to get back to us. In the meantime, please use another network.