At the beginning

“Sales Best Practices”, I tell you about its origin…

In 2000, I left Lille for Paris, and was looking to leave industrial IT in the midst of collapse. So I created and put my Sales CV online on my personal website ( At that time, with some SEO skills, it was possible to get to the first page of search engines, even for a small personal site.

A totally unexpected side effect was to receive questions about the sales profession. As the messages became more and more numerous and similar, as I was busy with my customers, it was necessary to find a solution.

Commercial FAQs

In 2002, a “Sales Representative FAQ” was set up to structure the answers. The site occupied the front lines of search engines, generating its thousand visitors per day, with ever more questions. Although collaborative, the “Commercial FAQ” had difficulty bringing together other commercials and contributors. Logical since it was only a section of a personal site. The FAQ solution had reached its limits.

Transformation into community

In 2004, 6nergies, the first French professional social network, appeared, integrating group functionality. The platform has proven to be an excellent tool to discuss with visitors, but above all to involve other sales professionals in this knowledge sharing. This is how the community is created.

Other social networks

When 6nergies disappeared, a group on Viaduc was set up, the platform you now know as Viadeo.

Interested in a more international vision of Sales, the LinkedIn group was created.

It is today on the American platform that you will find the majority of our members and our exchanges.

Pour l’anecdote

At the beginning, I named the group “Best Sales Practices”. But the group did not appear in LinkedIn’s search engine. The latter classified the groups alphabetically, and no one was looking for “Best”. To give the group visibility, I renamed it “Sales Best Practices”.

Admittedly, this has caused many Anglophones to scream. More than once, I have been called an illiterate frog eater. A few years later, when LinkedIn had finally corrected its algorithm, I could have corrected the name of the group. This was without counting my visceral hatred for “French Bashing” and my love of provocation.

So yes, the nickname of the community will remain “Sales Best Practices”. Use Salesty if you prefer:)

The Community Website

In 2008, a small portal site was created to highlight our co-admins and announce our meetings. We have been using for a long time. Thanks to which offers sub-domains to associations. Sponsorship has developed over time. Although legal for an association, it seemed to us incompatible with the non-market spirit of Moreover, Europeans now represented only 25% of the community. It was necessary to find a new domain name.

“SalesBestPractices” was already Cyber squatted by an opportunist, you had to choose another name for the website. In 2014, after a joyful collaborative brainstorming session, we found Salesty.