Origin Of Life

Who are we?

Find out who is behind Salesty…

We are a community of sales and marketing professionals,

The topics covered are: Business strategy, sales development / prospecting, productivity, sales force management, marketing, tools and software (CRM), closing techniques, and recruitment.

These exchanges allow us to share and acquire new knowledge, develop our efficiency!

You can find us on the main social networks. Our largest group is English-speaking, on LinkedIn.

And in French?

The community being of French origin, you can easily exchange in the language of Molière, on LinkedIn, Facebook. The FB group has the particularity of being multilingual, the platform automatically generates translations.

It is possible that you discovered our community on Viadeo, over time the platform has become a spam factory, the group is dying there.

Other languages are available

Over the years, several members have taken charge of creating small subgroups, with their specificities. Here is a global list:

  • English with American, English, Australian and even Indian accents
  • Português from Portugal or Brazil, the exchanges are colourful
  • French our Quebecers and Africans friends take a big part in it
  • Español from Spain or South America
  • Deutsch mainly migrants from our old Xing group
  • Italiano this small group is amazing, and their coffee is delicious!

The team:

Antonio Dominguez Bob Davis Diogo Prehs Santos Hervé Mons Jack Vincent Laurent J.V. Dubois María Jesús Castilla Maldonado Mathieu Brisebois-Boies Nguyệt-Nga CAO-THÁI Samantha Smith